Elegance never gets old.


Let’s go to Hawaii!

Beetle Cabriolet

The elegant cabriolet.

The architecture of the 70s is remembered for its distinctive lines and a formal vocabulary reduced to basics to stress the practical functionality of all things. The bungalow is the best example. The Beetle Cabriolet 70s Edition builds on the timeless style of this decade by setting a clear focus on enjoyment. In all other respects, it represents precisely what makes the design of this decade so unique: elegance in even the smallest details.

Soft Top

A '70s rerun you won't want to miss.

Haute coutour.

The Beetle Cabriolet 70s Edition indeed already sparkles in Toffee Brown or Platinum Grey metallic finishes, but even this is topped by an exclusive, dazzling highlight. Only the Beetle Cabriolet 70s Edition features a modern soft top in Nutria Beige that perfectly matches the interior and cover.


Get into lounge position.


As you like it – hot, cold or anywhere in-between: at the press of a button, the modern air conditioning system in the Beetle Cabriolet 70s Edition delivers elegance expressed in degrees.

Heated seats

Unlike the elegant Beetle Cabriolet 70s Edition, elegant outfits are not always the best thing when temperatures begin to get frosty. Its modern heated seats ensure you’ll never shiver, even in light and summery evening wear.


Gotta have some hot stuff.

Interior leather trim

The stylish interior of the Beetle Cabriolet 70s Edition is ample proof that its reputation as ‘The Elegant One’ is more than well deserved. For example the captivating contrasts of a beige interior with the gearstick knob and handbrake grip in finest black leather.

‘Vienna’ sports seats

There are two reasons why it is so easy to relax in sport seats in ‘Vienna’ leather. The first is their perfect match to your outfits and the second is their simply outstanding comfort. Simple proof that true elegance is a treat to much more than your eyes.


All eyes will follow you – wherever you go.

70s Badge

Elegant? Yes! A sign of self-assurance? Yes, that too! Because the ‘70s’ badges on the front wings of the Beetle don’t only look good, they authentically reflect the spirit of the 70s, too.

‘Disc’ alloy wheels

Several trends from the 70s have hardly changed at all. In the case of the Beetle Cabriolet 70s Edition, the name today, for instance, is ‘Disc’, rather than ‘Disco’. It’s nothing to worry about – with these high-quality, 18-inch alloy wheels, you’ll experience the Saturday Night Fever of the 70s in broad daylight on any day.

Meet the Beetle Family

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